Residents testimonials

Residents testimonial
Beatriz, Great Britain
Close your eyes and think of the best possible place for your family to live in: a dreamy residential area surrounded by greenery, clean air, forests and a glorious beach. Imagine living in a place where your children can independently move around to go to school, sports activities and different playgrounds. Imagine having to remind yourself that this amazing place is where you actually live. This is what Rosinka was for us. Living there was a once in a lifetime opportunity in which we were very lucky to watch our family grow. I will always miss the white wintry nights sat by the fireplace and our hot summer bbq afternoons in our backyard. Thank you Rosinka for giving us so much.

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Residents testimonials
Residents testimonials
Tanja, Germany
Eliška, Czech
Residents testimonials
Maria, Canada
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